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Charger plates are larger plates used during full course dinners or to dress up special events like parties and weddings.

We carry 5 unique styles to suit any events dining needs

We offer sturdy and reliable elegant dinnerware that's suitable for weddings, golden anniversaries and other more-than-casual celebrations. Host your event with one our styles without compromising quality.

Perfect way to accent formal dining, receptions, or casual family picnic

Browse our extensive selection of elegant party-ware to add that sparkle to your event

Whether you're Wedding is a small or large event, you can feel confident that we offer every the best options manufactured.

We have chosen our cutlery very carefully. Within each category we offer, you will find the best quality available for any food service including weddings and rehersal dinners.

Buffet - Food Service
Whether you are a professional or hosting your first party, we can provide you with the catering equipment you need.

From chaffers and food carriers to bars and coffee makers, we have the equipment you are looking for.

Beverage Service
Want great cocktails at your wedding?

Don't want to worry about how to serve drinks and beverages for your event?

We're sure you'll be able to find a unique way to serve beverages that is perfect for you.

Cake Stands
Affordable cake displays for your wedding reception, from the standard 3 tier cake stands to impressive 7 tier wedding cake stands.

Whatever size cake you’re working with, you’ll find the right acrylic or silver cake stands to support and showcase that fine work of art. When your cake is almost too lovely to eat, choose one of our stylishly silver cake stands!

Concession Items
Any of these Concession machines will add a ton of fun to your next event!

They are all very easy & fun to use.

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