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Trac (Frame) Tents
Our Trac tents are our top of the line tents. They are extremely quiet in wind, which is a daily weather factor on the Outer Banks.

The 30' and 40' wide trac tents all have the option of sliding sidewalls (side curtains) to protect your event from the elements. Tent sizes range from 30'x30' to 30'x110' in the 30' category. Tent sizes range from 40'x40' to 40'x140' in the 40' category. Sizing is based upon occupancy and space needed to accommodate your desired layout as well as your venue allowances and space.

Our Trac tents are our most popular and best option for your outdoor wedding or event.

Call our office for more details and to let one of our Event Specialists help you to plan your perfect tented event.

Clear Top Tents and Skylight options
These tents are a beautiful way to open your space to the natural elements of the sun, blue sky, and a starry night. Minimal features can be added for a breathtaking end result, and much less effort on your part! Some of the most sought after tents this season have been the clear top tent or tent with sky lights. Clear top tents allow the sun to shine through and the moon to illuminate your magical evening. The natural lighting enhances the natural ambiance of a rustic wedding while providing protection from the elements during your most enchanting and memorable evening.

Basic (West Coast) Frame Tents
The 15' and 20' wide West Coast Frame Tents all have the option of sidewalls (side curtains) to protect your event from the elements. This model tent is perfect for small events as well as catering usage. Sizing is based upon occupancy and space needed to accommodate your desired layout as well as your venue allowances and space.

This tent can be setup dependent on weather and location on the island. It can be quite a bit noisier in breezy or windy conditions because of its engineering. Also, some decorations and lighting option are not available with this tent style.

Tent Accessories (lighting, sidewalls, etc.)
We offer a variety of light styles to set the perfect mood or effect for any event

Sidewalls are used to block those windy beach days

Portable Restroom Trailer
From intimate outdoor weddings, parties and reunions to large festivals and national events, Ocean Atlantic Event Rentals has the optimal restroom solutions to enrich your event by providing convenience and comfort to your guests.

Marquee and Walkway Tents
These smaller tents can be used for a number of different ways

Marquee and Walkway tents will provide much needed shelter if the weather takes a turn for the worse and you needed protection from the elements to your event site

Site Survey
Site surveys and CAD drawings are used to provide our clients detailed layouts of what their potential event could look like.

We first survey the event site in order to make sure the items will fit and if our clients decide to pursue the option of a CAD drawing, we will provide you with an electronic drawing of the event site with the items. We may utilize an image from Google Earth in our Cad program as an underlay with the calculated measurements being used to create the top layer of the layout. We find it helps the clients to better visualize the site and the layout of the equipment.

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