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10 or 12 Tap Beer Wagon

10 or 12 Tap Beer Wagon
Basic Price: $500.00

Our 10 or 12-tap Beer Wagon is a memorable attraction at a party. Guests can choose to pour from a dozen different craft beers or ciders. You don't have to guess what you guests prefer because any taste can be satisfied.

Our 12-tap Beer Wagon can serve 12 types of keg beer at your party.

Rather than guessing what type of beer your guests would enjoy and how many kegs to buy, GTG can deliver 12 different kegs, covering the full range of beer types and styles so everyone can find something they like. Your guests will love sampling and comparing the different beers.

10 or 12 Tap Beer Wagon10 or 12 Tap Beer Wagon10 or 12 Tap Beer Wagon

Beer not included. This is for the rental of the Beer Wagon Only. You choose the beers you want and then only pay for the beer your guests drink. You can offer variety of styles from light domestics to IPAs to rich dark craft beers. GTG can include cider and non-alcoholic beverages on tap.

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